Counselling Offered

Counselling is provided for adults, teens & children, offering therapy for individuals, couples, parents, families.

Why Counselling?

Asking for help has many benefits. Getting support during tough times can lead to:

  • feeling less stressed/overwhelmed
  • getting 'unstuck'
  • relief through debriefing
  • finding solutions & ways to cope
  • gaining perspective & clarity
  • reducing your sense of loneliness
  • building stronger relationships with family & friends
  • preventing problems getting worse
  • learning to help others

The journey of discovering more of your inner self through the benefits of counselling brings so much joy & satisfaction. 

It helps us function in the world more effectively, creating a more positive, fulfilling future for yourself & those close to you, having more connected relationships with your partner, kids or family.  Don’t put off taking that step - counselling can change your life for the better. 

Concerns covered:

Grief & Loss
Post-Traumatic Growth

Stress Management
Anxiety, depression
Goal setting
Setting & maintaining boundaries
Identity, self-acceptance, self-confidence
Communication skills & conflict resolution

Assertiveness & negotiation skills
Rebuilding trust
Correcting irrational thinking/ beliefs
Dealing with anger
Dealing with past hurts/resentment
Freedom through forgiveness
Letting go of control or the past
And more . . .

Counselling Approach

Using holistic & integrated counselling & family therapy models grounded on Christian principles - the client is recognised as a whole person (body, soul, spirit), exploring their feelings, emotional awareness, thought patterns, looking at the present, correcting misguided self talk or beliefs, exploring past history, family background, current family interactions, issues of faith & resultant behaviours as relevant. This paves the way for better outcomes & genuine change in one’s life. Based on non-judgmental acceptance of the person as a unique individual while respecting their beliefs, values & personal choices. 

It’s important all aspects (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) are comprehensively addressed in counselling where one or more areas are lacking, to experience & sustain balance in our life. I incorporate the “core conditions” of people helping skills [congruence - genuineness, unconditional positive regard - acceptance & caring, empathy]; drawing on an integrative approach from various psychotherapy streams:
* Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
* Strategic / Solutions Focus
* Psychodynamic / Past Insights
* Bowen / Systemic Family Therapy

With special interest areas in helping others:

  • GRIEF & LOSS, POST-TRAUMATIC GROWTH - to not only survive & recover when life throws a curveball, but to thrive after these life experiences
  • THIS IS ME - to realise one’s capabilities, potential & how you are indeed an exquisite individual
  • TEEN GIRLS - support for mental & emotional strength & health (anxiety, stress, depression, self-worth, emotional or social struggles)

Other Programs

Flourish Program (8 sessions)
Life Skills Training Course for Women 
Discover the true essence of who you are & who you can become.Develop healthy identity, boundaries, relationships, emotional intelligence, build confidence & inner strength, passion for living life to thrive!  

Seasons for Growth (Children/Young People)
Loss & Grief Education Program (8 sessions)
Understand effects of change, loss, grief, develop skills in communication, decision-making, problem-solving, self-confidence.

Circle of Security Parenting (6 sessions)
Parent Education/Reflection Program
Relationship based early intervention to enhance attachment security for parent & child. A practical course for parents, to identify their child's emotional needs & respond to their behaviours.

Friends Programs (10 sessions)
Fun Friends (4-7y) Friends for Life (8-11y)
Friends Youth (12-15y) Adult Resilience (16+)
Develop emotional resilience & life skills for children, adolescents, adults.