Every cloud has a silver lining ... 
let me help you discover your own silver lining behind the storm clouds of life.

Professional counselling offered 
in a relaxed & confidential setting.


Counselling Sessions

We all experience tough times, but sometimes these problems cannot be easily solved on our own. Going through difficult situations alone can become stressful, exhausting, isolating & confusing. At these times, seeking assistance from trusted family, friends or others can really help.

A friendly reminder that counselling is not just for those in crisis or not coping. It's also highly beneficial for anyone who has detoured from their life goals or dreams, or find yourself simply needing "the next steps", strategic support or a different perspective to overcome obstacles in life. 

A free initial consultation is offered for new clients (mention this online offer) to meet, discuss your concerns, indicate an appropriate therapy plan & what you can expect from our counselling sessions together towards achieving your desired outcomes. 

If you or someone you care about are needing personal change & are ready to gain new insights & skills with the support of a Counsellor, please reach out and make an appointment today.  


 I look forward to helping you achieve   positive life adjustments & exploring the   silver linings in your life!

- Lisa Baker


What clients have said ...

"The way the meetings are structured is the best! Lisa puts things in an understanding way that actually helps." - A.

"Lisa would always go the extra mile, like giving me extra information to read that was very relevant for what I was going through. I felt that the session didn’t stop, but her compassionate & caring heart continued. It was very easy to open up & share deep issues. I felt total trust & loyalty with Lisa. Thank you." - K.

"We have come forward as a married couple in leaps & bounds all thanks to Lisa’s amazing care, listening, advice & most of all the information to help us learn & apply."  - M.

" ‘B’ has thoroughly enjoyed Lisa’s support, encouragement and advice. She tries her best to use advice Lisa has given to help her anxiety."  - B’s Mum

"This was a very wise decision in consulting with Lisa (as I was a little cautious of who to see). 1 week on & I feel so relaxed & de-stressed. Lisa was able to break down my words & thoughts into diagrams & brought absolute clarity to my situation which enabled me to think things through from a different perspective & made me feel 100% confident in addressing my situation. She had this amazing way of compartmentalising all the areas of concern for me, which then enabled us to tackle each one individually."  - R.

"Lisa has been amazing. Given so much extra!"  - S.

"I felt listened to & understood. When I was getting off the track, Lisa could gently & easily get it back to where we needed to go. She recapped our chats which is good. I have learnt valuable techniques now for future issues that may occur. Tools to take into other areas of my life."  - K.

"Was great to be challenged to think about different ways of thinking. Very positive experience."  - D.

"We looked at some areas in general, categorised them, which then allowed us to target specific items with specific solutions – I’d struggled with this on my own for weeks & weeks, but after my sessions with Lisa although she didn’t tell me “what to do”, she encouraged my own response & feelings. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone in need of clarity to their situation & I honestly feel amazing, clear-headed after these appointments."  - R.

"Has been a great help on my journey of learning about myself & how to apply practical things to my life that will help me."  - D.

"Honest feedback, genuine empathy & ways to move forward. I'm committed to counselling now!"  - K.

"Helping me work through things, even though sometimes my thoughts are all over the place, understanding about me needing to cancel due to my daughter’s illness."  - S.